Feral Tails

There are so many cute kittens and cats up for adoption.

But what about us?  

Our names are Leah, Mia, and Nina and no one wants us. 

We are not even a year old and WE DON’T FIT IN ANYWHERE!

People looking to adopt want cats that are friendly and social.
My sisters and I are semi-feral.
We are not social enough to be desired and adopted.
We are not feral and will not be able to survive on the street.

We are “supposedly un-adoptable” but we want so much to be adopted!

We want to be cared for by humans who will accept us as we are.
We like to play with each other.  We can be very entertaining.
We are curious about humans and like to watch you, but don’t get too close.

We scare easily and run to hide, but we are very well behaved.
And if you give us a chance, and love and patience, we will learn to trust you.
We even learn routines and do what we’re told!

We become more trusting and make progress every day.
It may take us a long time before we let you get close,
but when we finally do let you close you will feel so rewarded!
I went from being aggressive and terrified to allowing and loving petting!

We will keep you entertained all day and be great companions for you and your cats! 

We love being around other cats, and wish we could be surrounded by them at all times.

Please consider adopting us and giving us the home we deserve!

We may even let you pet us eventually!

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