BUDDY UP Program
~For Pets And Each Other~
Buddy Up

This program was created as a community service

What is it and why do I need this?: We want to assist people who live alone with arranging a buddy system that involves a daily “check in”. Once we set you up in our database, it will take literally 5 seconds using text messaging to check in on your buddy daily.
It’s a way of ensuring that no more than 24 hours will pass before someone knows there is something wrong and worthy of investigation. If you have pets, you will have the assurance that someone will be contacted to care for them if the unforeseen happens such as an unexpected accident and hospitalization.

Who should participate?:
Anyone who has pets and lives alone (this service can save the lives of pets).
Anyone anywhere that wants to have someone check in on them.
Anyone who wants to volunteer to be a buddy for someone who needs one.

What does “check in” mean?
The person you buddy with will send you an emoji of your choice via text message. You will respond back with an emoji. Pick a different one everyday if you want. It can be fun and creative. That takes 5 seconds and you will know that the person you connected with is alive and well for the next 24 hours until you check again.

What happens if there is no response from my buddy?
During the set up process for each person, you will be given information on who to call if there is no response. It will be the person with a key that has access to the home. We will also keep a database with that information in case you lose the contact number.

What about pets that may need to be cared for in the event that the person is taken to a hospital?
Aside from having the contact information for the person who can enter the premises with a key, we will also ask for name and contact information for the person who will care for the cats in case of an unforeseen emergency.

How will a buddy remember each day to text?
We suggest setting an alarm on your phone as a daily reminder.

How do I get a buddy?
We will set you up with a buddy if you don’t have a friend or family member that you want to buddy with.

I have a life alert system where I can press a button on my pendant and get help. Why do I need a buddy?
Unfortunately, there are times that a person can be in distress and not able to press a pendant. This is a free service that can serve as a back-up to any other service you have.

I’m interested! Who do I contact to participate?
Email us at givemeshelterproject@gmail.com or call (917) 410-5900