Solar Panels Program

Solar Panels

If you are interested in installing Solar Panels, you can help support our animal rescue organization at the same time. I had mine installed by Venture Solar last year. I chose to lease my 18 panels instead of financing them. My monthly bill is $156 for the lease. My Con Edison bill is $30 for basic service charge and taxes… NONE for electricity. My Property Tax Credit is $438 each quarter. It’s been a great experience!

Every solar company has a “referral program” so that the person referring will get $$ if that referral results in an installation. In our case, if I refer you to Venture Solar (the company I used), they will give $500 to Give Me Shelter Project, Inc. The more referrals, the higher the donation amount.

Give Me Shelter Project is a non-profit animal rescue, education and advocacy organization that primarily works with cats at this time. We average $8000 per month in medical bills and we and we sure could use funds from this program. If you are shopping around for solar panels, please consider contacting Rubail (347-229-4683) and mention Give Me Shelter Project. Thanks!

Deb Wantuch, President
Give Me Shelter Project