Our story began in 2008 when we were part of a small group of independent rescuers who came together to rescue 88 cats from an eviction situation.  Most of the cats were not friendly enough to be adopted.  We searched and found placements far and wide (8 cats were flown to a sanctuary in Arizona!).

We undertook a similar rescue in 2010/2011 and another major rescue in 2012.

Many agencies advised us to turn the cats over to the local “kill” shelter.  Instead, we felt compelled to consider the life of each individual cat and do all we could to protect that life.

Along the way, we rescued numerous other individual cats who found themselves in dire situations like Allison who was trapped in an abandoned building, and Becky who was blind and living on the street.  Hobo was hit by a car and found on the side of the road with a broken arm.

Many of these cats have now found their forever loving homes.

We strive to promote the concept that EACH ANIMAL COUNTS™.

Therefore, when an animal is adopted, it needs to be a lifelong commitment.

Please help us spread the word and “change the world one animal at a time.”

President and Co-founder

Debra Wantuch