cats-anitaThere is so much joy to come out of these types of cats who have been neglected and finally learn to trust YOU!!!!  NOW they both jump on my bed and love petting and belly rubs.  LOL, they both always want me to share my food with them.  They are very curious and love to play.  They won’t let me pick them up yet, but they have come such a long way!  I look forward to continuing to help them on their journey to become the trusting, loving and happy cats they were meant to be.“     Anita N.



I have two semi-feral cats that I adopted in November. At first they were both very shy and hid under the bed. It took several weeks before they became more comfortable. Now, my one cat, Delilah, is absolutely in love with me and jumps in my lap all the time and sleeps with me… she loves a lot of affection. My other cat, Giovanni, has taken longer to warm up to me but, now, he is starting to become really affectionate with me as well.  Now I am trying to get Giovanni to jump in my lap on his own and sleep on the bed with me. I know it will only be a matter of time.


There is a lot of good information on the internet about how to get feral and semi-feral cats to become wonderful pets.  Just learning what to do when acclimating these cats is key. I also learned a lot from watching the show on Animal Planet, ‘My Cat From Hell’. If you are more esoterically minded, working with an animal communicator can also do wonders and speed up the time that your cat(s) will bond to you.  Some hold the belief that a feral or semi-feral cat cannot make a good pet, but I have seen quite the opposite both with myself and other people.   Best, Lex Samu


Two years ago, I responded to a plea from Give Me Shelter.  They had to find placements for a large number of feral cats.  I agreed to take two ferals and relocate them to my backyard.  With their guidance, I attempted to follow the 2 week relocation procedure and caged them in my yard.  After two days, I could not tolerate them being outside in the summer heat and I brought them in.  I caged them inside for a short while to acclimate them to my home and my two house cats and me.  I named them Jordan and Annalisa. Two little feral strangers who stole my heart.   

It’s been so touching to watch how they developed bonded relationships with my two existing cats.  As for me, I took the relationship on their terms.  As time went by, I was rewarded with the gift of their trust.  It felt like a gift from heaven.  I can pet both of them and play with them freely now.  They look forward to play time with the laser light.  

All of us are a family.  We all stay together in the living room where most of the activities take place.  Everyone sleeps together with me in bed now.

Would I adopt another feral if I were to adopt any cat again?  Yes. Absolutely.  It’s been a joy!    Dorothy Chusid